MONCHAQ focuses on spotting authentic crafts and talented artisans from the Euro-Mediterranean Coast. Our collections include: authentic jewelry, handmade towels, and handwoven rugs.

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Interested in becoming a part of Monchaq?

Monchaq Team is always in search of connecting with new artisans. For questions and partnership possibilities, please reach us at Hello@Monchaq.Com, or fill out the form on our Contact page.​

Meet our primary artisans!

BESTE & YONCA bring minimalism to our jewelry collections, their designs are inspired from mythology and mysticism and surrounded by the symbols of the long-lost past. They represent the designs and talent emerging from history, and make us feel proud for empowering designers like themselves to produce their ideas freely, to create exclusive access to unique jewelry that is no where else to be found. They carry the legacy of the Grand Bazaar, and prove that jewelry is a practice of keeping memories eternal.

TUKUTUKUM: Tugba Kuzdere, founder of the brand, after graduating from Communications and Design, studied Fashion Marketing and Management at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano, and worked at companies like Ugo Cacciatori and Costume National in Milano. 
She later moved to Istanbul and founded her own company ‘Lamodaist’ to provide 360 fashion consulting services to designers and fashion brands and launched the project ‘Build Your Own Fashion’ with her friends to support young fashion designers. Tugba then went onto realizing her dream of creating her own brand, and that was when TukuTukum was born. A brand that brings together the quality of manufacturing and craftsmanship with modern designs. It focuses on supporting the strong, brave and playful side of life - highlighting striking  patterns that are designed with care.  Each collection is the result of a long and delicate creation process. Her inspiration has always been modern art and daily life. Her designs are founded upon deep admiration to unique and timeless elegance, art and handicraft. TukuTukum pieces are all created by artisans with sustainable resources and combining authentic and traditional handmade techniques and craftsmanship with modern production techniques. All pieces are hand-finished by highly qualified local women. TukuTukum became one of the most coveted lifestyle brands with its ever changing and unique designs, and was featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. Tukutukum’s designs always highlighted and supported the strength of women and was also recognized by Arya Women Platform in 2016. 

ZOE: Zeynep Okmen Gafuroglu, studied and worked in PR for a few years before she could no longer resist the creative voice inside her and completed various fashion design programs offered by Central St. Martins (London) and Domus Academy (Milan). She studied fashion design at LaSalle Academy and in 2009, and launched her first collection “Urban Fairy Tales” with a photo exhibition. She created ready to wear and couture collections for her customers until in 2019 when she launched ZOE. Since then she has been creating bags that tell stories with their handcrafted details. She works with local craftsmen, mostly women, to be able to give something back to life.

NILE is a specialist in shaping sterling silver. She loves to play around with the shapes, and add designs to her jewelry. Her technique is inspired by ancient traditions that has passed on for generations.

Inspecting Jewels

​ELENA is very knowledgeable about precious and semi-precious gemstones, and is proud to provide us with gold-plated rings designed with high-quality gemstones in her small workshop located in Thasos.

CÂNÂ is the person behind all rugs and tapestries! All her work is made up of 100% Anatolian Sheep Wool. Amazing talent, contemporary designs, traditional methods. Nani Marquina describes her work as: "She integrates design, art, and crafts. Starting from the initial ideation, her design process is carried out hands on. She plays with common materials and existing techniques to fully understand their potential in order to develop new contemporary expressions. The experimental process results in the development and adaptation of skills, suggesting new ways of doing, which enable design ideas to inhabit a truly authentic form of body in her work."

ZUBEYIR grew up in his father's shop, selling high-quality cotton and linen yarns and fabrics produced by the women in his family. He is also very passionate about creating new patterns by carving wood, styling his Turkish Towels.

​MARAL is Zubeyir's wife, only produces organic and high-quality cotton and linen, and hand-loomes all her towels with her family.